November Assignment Schedules

Here are your assignment schedules for the month:

AP Lit Assignment Schedule – November 2015

English 4 Assignment Schedule – November 2015

Honors English 2 Assignment schedule – November 2015


Tuesday, October 20th is the National Day on Writing, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). It is a day to celebrate the many ways we use writing to live more fully and think more freely. If you would like to earn some bonus points, follow these directions:

  • Think honestly and seriously about why you write – and I don’t mean just for school! Do you write poetry or song lyrics? Make lists? Write to communicate with others? Think about the underlying reasons that motivate you to write.
  • Come up with a statement in 140 characters or less that sums it up. Your tweet can be serious, poetic, mysterious, funny, informative, or creative in any way you’d like. The only two restrictions are:
    • it must be school-appropriate, and
    • it may not be along the lines of “because I have to” or “to pass English class.”
  • Tweet your statement @Ms_Neville , and use the hashtag #WhyIWrite. You will earn up to five bonus points for doing this.
  • You may do this TWICE (a different tweet each time, of course) for up to 10 bonus points.
  • THIS IS DUE BY 11:59 PM ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20th. No exceptions.

If you are not a Twitter user, that’s fine – you are not excluded from this opportunity. Simply write or type your statement and turn it in to me via email ( or a hard copy.

Have fun!

Assignment Calendars Through the End of the Grading Period

Here are your new calendars of assignments and assessments. Believe it or not, this one takes us through the end of the 1st 9-week grading period!

AP Lit Assignment Schedule Sept-Oct 2015

English 4 Assignment Schedule Sept-Oct 2015

Honors English 2 Assignment Schedule Sept-Oct 2015

Fundamentals of Language Bonus Activity (due 5/27)

Eighth period, here is the bonus crossword puzzle for this grading period:


Good luck!

Summer Reading Requirements for the Class of 2016

Greetings, next year’s seniors! I will be coming in to talk to you in your current English class next week, but for those of you who would like a preview I am posting your summer reading assignments now. Please click on the appropriate link below to view a PDF of your summer assignment(s).

English IV Sumnmer Reading Assignment 2015

AP Literature & Composition Summer Assignments 2015

These resources are also available in the Summer/Independent Reading tab in the top right corner of this site.

15 Words to Eliminate from Your Writing

It’s not just me! Some of you may think I’m being nit-picky when I constantly circle these words and write “WC” (word choice) above them in essay after essay. However, I’ve seen this list pop up often on social media over the past few days — it has a good list with great explanations. Please read it!


Take Note

This is currently trending on LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals of all sorts:

Hire Writers


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