What Did I Miss? 10/11/10

Seniors: Discussion of The Pardoner (those of you who were absent on Friday, don’t forget that you must have your Pardoner’s Tale assignment ready for tomorrow); Vocab quiz; new words for next week’s quiz: SENIOR VOCAB LIST 7.

Pre-AP: Antigone Test. The class voted that Fahrenheit 451 will be our next piece of literature. Due tomorrow: reader’s journal entry in response to the two newspaper articles distributed in class (also available here: Regina Brett 10/10/10; NYTimes 10/3/10). Don’t forget that you have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow, too.

Sunday Afternoon Reminders

Seniors: you have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow AND you need to have read The Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale in your textbook. I will collect your responses to p. 160 #s 1-3 and 10-13.

Pre-AP:: Antigone test tomorrow – please bring your yellow book to return.

Middle Ages/General Prologue Study Sheet

This amends the notes  seniors were given in class today: MIDDLE AGES quiz study sheet

I hope it’s helpful. Happy studying!