For Parents

My contact info:

email: (this is the BEST way to get in touch with me)

phone: (216) 429-5707  x5789

Thank you for supporting your child by taking an interest in his/her education! I look forward to meeting all of you at school functions or out in the community, and welcome any questions or feedback you may have.

I also encourage you to keep track of assignments and grades through Progress Book, and to talk to your son/daughter/niece/nephew/grandchild about what they are doing in school.


2 Responses

  1. To Ms. Neville,
    We would really like to get in contact with some of your Turkish students. If you could please send the contact information to
    Sarah and Megan 🙂 (=::=)

  2. Hey Ms. Neville,
    I was wondering if it would be possible if you would send me the link to the websites you gave us in class when we were working on our mini research papers? I’m starting my writing class today and it would be really helpful to know how to cite everything before i start writing papers =). Hope your excited for your upcoming school year. My school email is, and you can email me whenever!

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