Remember learning about Constantinople in your history class?

My apologies for not posting for so long — I was having a bit of computer trouble, but believe it is all resolved now. I have several new writing contests to post on Tuesday — please be sure to check back here for them!

In other news, several people have been asking me about my trip to Turkey, so here are the basics:

Over the summer, I was invited by two of my former professors from grad school to go with them as part of a teacher delegation to a school in Istanbul, Turkey. The school is affiliated with Kent State University, so once a year a group of teachers visits to observe in classrooms and work with the teachers. I have been paired up with a seventh grade teacher; I will be working mainly with helping to integrate books into the curriculum (they do things a little different over there… mostly memorization, from what I’m told).

I’ll be gone from Saturday morning, October 20th through late Monday night, October 29th. I plan to be back in room 212 the next day, although I will be fighting jet-lag so it might be interesting. I am very much looking forward to learning from my teaching abroad experience so that I can bring some new perspectives back to you.