Senior Project — Initial Proposal

Click here to find all of the paperwork you need for senior project. 

Some useful information:

* If you don’t normally use your school email address, try to log in NOW. Your address is . Your password is at least eight characters long; IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN IT OR CAN’T LOG IN FOR ANY OTHER REASON, CONTACT MR. WALLIS ( IMMEDIATELY. If all of you wait until Thursday night to do this, you can’t expect him to help each and every one of you. Take care of this now.

* Remember that what is due on Friday the 28th is your INITIAL proposal. If you don’t have the contact information for the actual person you’ll be shadowing, at least fill out your general information and goals. If you don’t do this and turn it in on Friday, you won’t be doing Senior Project.

V for Vendetta/1984 Assignment for this Weekend

Ok swimmers, wrestlers, and other absent folks in English IV. Here is what you need to take care of over the weekend:

V FOR VENDETTA handout 2


1984 Part 3 Quiz to Complete this Weekend

For those of you not in school today (Thursday 2/13), please download this quiz and complete it before class starts on Tuesday. 1984 Part 3 Take-Home Quiz

Enjoy your four-day weekend! We’ll be starting V for Vendetta and an essay assignment when you return.