English IV Honors: Your last extra assignment

Please download a copy of your last honors assignment:  author-study.  I know most of you will be in Florida with the band all of next week, but you do need to get started on the brainstorming stage of this assignment so you don’t get behind.

Twitter, anyone?

I have an idea!

However, I need to find out how realistic of an idea it is before I officially launch it. I would like to use Twitter to comunicate assignment information to my classes next year, but would like to have a test run first to see how well it works.

I have set up a Twitter account under the username “Ms_Neville”. If any of you already use Twitter or would like to join, please sign up to follow me. I will send out daily tweets with homework/test/quiz reminders, interesting quotes, writing tips and ideas, etc. Parents are also welcome to follow if you’d like to keep up on what we’re doing in class.

I look forward to as many people as possible getting involved with this — I think it can be a fabulous tool for English class if we harness it.

See you at www.twitter.com!