Vocabulary List…

Vocabulary List #9 – Yes, this is the whole thing!

1.) vindication

2.) conspicuous

3.) nuance

4.) indenture

5.) moorings

6.) implacably

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Long Weekend Reminders

Pre-AP: Study for your vocabulary quiz, take a trip to the library to browse for your next IR book (commitment due 10/17), and read through page 32 of Fahrenheit 451. I realize this is a very short reading assignment, but there are a few important things that we need to establish & discuss before you get in too deep. I assure you I do not underestimate your reading capabilities. 🙂

English II: If you didn’t turn in your vocabulary creative writing early for bonus points today, please be sure to turn it in on Monday. Also, read through page 48 and continue answering your study guide questions — I’m checking them on Monday!

English IV: Please read pages 123-128 in your textbook (or lines 1-207 HERE) over the weekend. Answer STUDY GUIDE questions 1-11 (or, if you’re in 2nd period and your initials are J.K, fill out the character chart through the Monk). Finally, study for Monday’s vocabulary quiz.

Everyone: Have a restful long weekend and take good care of yourselves.

P.S. —SIGH— WordPress is being uncooperative and not letting me upload documents or insert links. Seniors, I apologize for the delay in getting you the materials you need. I’ll attempt again from home tomorrow.


What Did I Miss?

Pre-AP:  Read pages 3-11 tonight. If you miss class tomorrow for the PSAT (good luck!), please know that you will be expected to have through page 24 by class time on Thursday. You will also miss another journal entry; I”ll post the prompt after class tomorrow (no spoilers!).

English IV: Today I donned my history teacher hat as we explored background information relevant to the literature we’re about to start reading. Please bring your textbook with you tomorrow. Here is your new vocabulary list:


degenerate (n.)


an immoral or corrupt person; a person who has lost mental or moral qualities considered normal and desirable


  • used as an adjective, this word means “lacking some property, order, or distinctness of structure previously or usually present.”



engender (v.)


to cause or bring about



genre (n.)


a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.



cognate (adj.)


related to or descended from a common ancestor



innate (adj.)


inborn; natural



nascent (adj.)


just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential



transfigure (v.)


to transform, esp. into something more beautiful or elevated



fictive (adj.)


created by imagination



feign (v.)


to pretend to be affected by



parturient (adj.)



pregnant; about to bring something forth (as in an idea)


“pregnant” in the figurative sense of a “pregnant pause” in conversation



repertory (n.)


the performance of various plays, operas, or ballets by a company at regular short intervals



see also “repertoire”


English II: Good start with F451! Please do your Study Island tonight and also read pages 11-24.

Homework and Other Reminders

Pre-AP: Please complete your journal entry (the prompt was posted earlier today — scroll down to see it) tonight. You can also get vocabulary unit 5 done early.

English II: Read pages 3-11 in Fahrenheit 451 and answer study guide questions 1-10. Keep in mind that this week’s vocabulary creative writing will be due on THURSDAY.

English IV: I am offering you the opportunity to make up your Study Island assignment from AUGUST by 10/15. Of the 20 or so students who have yet to complete it, most claim it’s because they couldn’t find the assignment. Problem solved: I’ve posted the path to get to it below.

You’ll receive your new vocabulary list in class tomorrow.

Study Island Path for Seniors

Seniors who wish to make up their Study Island assignment from several weeks ago (you may do so for credit until 10/15):

1.) Log in to Study Island.

2.) Go to My Classes > Language Arts > Common Core > Grade 12 > Pretest

And to clarify since a few people are claiming this is pointless because they’ve already passed the OGT, this is NOT an OGT prep assignment. In the past SI has been used only to prepare underclassmen for the OGT; however, SI recently added a plethora of other content. I am occasionally using SI with seniors this year as one of many tools to collect data on what my students can and cannot do.

1st & 3rd period Journal Prompt

In case you didn’t have time to write down the prompt, here it is.

A quote frequently (and most likely incorrectly) attributed to Ray Bradbury:

“A frog thrown into a pot of boiling water will immediately jump out. However, a frog placed in tepid water will stay if the water is gradually brought to a boil. It seems that in this day and age we are all becoming boiled frogs.”

Please respond to this quote with your interpretation and as much support as possible. What did the writer mean? How does it apply to us today (or not)?

Tuesday, busy Tuesday

Pre-AP — We will have more fun with TONE tomorrow. You will also get your personal narrative rough drafts back. Coincidence? I think not…


English IV — Please check Progress Book! I realized this afternoon that I had incorrectly recorded your Beowulf test as being worth 85 points. I’ve corrected the mistake (it’s worth 72 points), so your percentage has gone up. Whew! I apologize for not catching it earlier.

Bring your IR book to class tomorrow. It’s your once-a-quarter silent reading opportunity; don’t pass it up.

For those of you who did not get your new vocabulary list yesterday, it is here (with definitions): E4 V6 2011-12.


English II — Here’s your reminder: you have a Study Island assignment due today! Also, you have a vocabulary quiz THIS FRIDAY. Now is a good time to study for it.