Long Weekend Reminders

Pre-AP: Study for your vocabulary quiz, take a trip to the library to browse for your next IR book (commitment due 10/17), and read through page 32 of Fahrenheit 451. I realize this is a very short reading assignment, but there are a few important things that we need to establish & discuss before you get in too deep. I assure you I do not underestimate your reading capabilities. 🙂

English II: If you didn’t turn in your vocabulary creative writing early for bonus points today, please be sure to turn it in on Monday. Also, read through page 48 and continue answering your study guide questions — I’m checking them on Monday!

English IV: Please read pages 123-128 in your textbook (or lines 1-207 HERE) over the weekend. Answer STUDY GUIDE questions 1-11 (or, if you’re in 2nd period and your initials are J.K, fill out the character chart through the Monk). Finally, study for Monday’s vocabulary quiz.

Everyone: Have a restful long weekend and take good care of yourselves.

P.S. —SIGH— WordPress is being uncooperative and not letting me upload documents or insert links. Seniors, I apologize for the delay in getting you the materials you need. I’ll attempt again from home tomorrow.


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