AP Lit Schedule Update

1st Period: Here is your revised schedule for the next week: Revised AP reading schedule for 10-31 through 11-7

Eng. IV: AoW #6 Choices (due Fri. 11/2)

This week you once again have two choices:

CHOICE #1 is about issues surrounding school lunches on a national level, and

CHOICE #2  is about the possible impact of the upcoming election.

Due to our presentations and movie this week, this is the only homework you will have (aside from preparing for your Canterbury Tales test, which you will take on MONDAY, Nov. 5th… hence no vocabulary this week). Needless to say, there are no excuses for not putting some good work into this one!


AP Lit Reading Schedule for 10/29-11/5

Howdy, 1st period. Here is what you’re in for this week: AP Lit reading schedule — last week of Oct.

All supplemental materials mentioned in the schedule will be distributed tomorrow, so you can work ahead if you’d like.