AP Assignment Clarification

Well, it looks like I goofed a little when I gave you your homework assignment for tonight (KEEP READING, yes, you still have to do it for tomorrow). I checked the quotations in the directions to establish that the translations were close enough, but apparently I needed to do so for the questions also. To repent, however (don’t want to end up in Limbo or worse!), I have gone through and worked out the small fixes that will get you through the assignment:

1.)    For question #2, you should refer to the sentence that begins “how hard it is to tell…”.

2.)    To answer question #3, refer to lines 5-6 and ONLY look at the “serves to” portions of the response options (ignore the literary devices… explanation tomorrow).

3.)    The line numbers given in questions 5 & 6 are ok. By the way, “anadiplosis” is a rhetorical figure of repetition in which a word or phrase appears BOTH at the end of one clause, sentence, or stanza AND at the beginning of the next, thus linking the two (what, you didn’t already know that?).  Ex: “As thou being mine, mine is thy good report.” (from Shakespeare’s 36th sonnet)

4.)    In question #7, please change the word “but” to “and.”

5.)    For #8, replace “sunless” with “the sun is mute.”

I apologize for the inconvenience of having to make these changes. I’m spending the evening  determining fixes that will have to be made for the other practice AP-style multiple choice questions we’ll be doing for the rest of Inferno, and will advise you of those in class tomorrow.

Links for AP Odyssey Fun

As mentioned in the directions I left on your desks this morning, your best options for finding a work of art inspired by your section of The Odyssey are museum collections and library databases:

Cuyahoga Heights HS library databases (for art, music, poetry, etc.)

For music, try the Oberlin Conservatory Library

Art museums:

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Louvre

The British Museum

If you are looking for a poem, you can also try one of the poetry links on the left side of this page.

AP Lit Schedule Update

1st Period: Here is your revised schedule for the next week: Revised AP reading schedule for 10-31 through 11-7