Pre-AP Summer Reading

Hello to all new visitors who are enrolled in Pre-AP for next year! I hope everyone has read through their summer assignment instructions by now and has a plan for getting it all done. The readings should give you lots to think and write about, but still leave you time to relax and recharge for your sophomore year.

If you’re one of the two people who didn’t pick up your envelope of assignments before the end of exams, you should get to I.H.S. as soon as possible to pick it up. I left them on the counter in the main office — your names are on them and Ms. Lechman knows you’ll be stopping in to get them.

End of the Year Haiku

I was cleaning out my file cabinets today when I came across an absolute gem — a handwritten page of haiku from a student I had back in my first year at IHS. I doubt he’d mind them being posted, so here they are:


when the school year ends

kids reign free from restrictions

happy to be young



seniors won’t return

they have better plans for life

move forward now



friends never come back

but new ones take their places

to fill emptiness



relishing only

memories of nobody

an old door closes



begin with new hope

new faith and new memories

a new path taken