Third Quarter Grades

I still have a few grades to post before your third quarter grades are final. All will be recorded by 7:55 AM on Monday. I have everything graded — it’s just a matter of getting everything recorded in Progress Book.


I have many grades in my paper grade book that I will be entering into Progress Book throughout the day today. Fear not; if you have a quiz to make up today I’ve already let you know.

For Pre-AP and English II

Julius Caesar Literary Terms


Tues./Wed. TED for Seniors

Link to the talk we watched on Tuesday:

Link to talk we watched today AND two other talks by the same speaker:

Updates for Everyone

Seniors: I’m glad most of you seemed to enjoy today’s TED talk. Please watch it again if necessary before you complete your assessment of it… there is a great deal of writing and discussion to be had!

Pre-AP and English II: Go to bed early again tonight! Tomorrow’s OGT will be over math. Be ready for some more brain gym, too.

Creative Writing: If you read more of your classmates’ short stories/story excerpts tonight, please just jot down your feedback right on them. I will give you more copies of the feedback 1/2 sheet tomorrow. We have a great range of characters, settings, and scenarios that I’m looking forward to discussing during the second half of this week!

TED Week Begins!


During OGT week, we will be watching one TED talk per day. You can download and print copies of the corresponding handout by clicking HERE. Out of the six total talks we watch (including the one we watched in class today), you need to pick any three to fill them out for (10 points each).

You may also like to know that there is a free TED app available for various mobile devices. If you do take advantage of it, please be aware that videos will eat through your data plan quickly if you aren’t using Wi-Fi (I don’t want English class to be responsible for surprises on anyone’s phone bill!).