2019 Summer Reading Assignments

If you are taking AP Literature & Composition or English 4 with me during the 2019-20 school year, please click on the Summer Reading tab above to view your assignment(s) and choose/purchase your book(s). Happy reading!

2018-19 First Day Information for all Classes

Welcome back, everyone! I’m excited to get this year going and look forward to it being a good one. If you want to be proactively ready for the first day of school, you can do the following:


1.) Join your class in Schoology by logging in to your account (or creating one if you’ve never used it before) and entering the appropriate access code:

English 4 –> RNFZP-THJ4T

Journalism / Journalism 2 –> N528J-MS2SW

Honors English 2 –> GRN97-ZN6NP

AP Literature & Composition –> DB5SN-KFB62


2.) View your class syllabus by clicking the Syllabi tab above and clicking on the appropriate link.


I’ve also started updating the Contests & Scholarships tab with some opportunities that may be of interest to you, so I recommend checking those out.


Thanks, and see you Wednesday!

2018 Summer Reading Assignments

I have posted 2018 summer reading directions for English IV, Honors English II, and AP Literature & Composition under the Summer/Independent Reading tab. The directions include links to purchase your book(s) if you wish to do so.

If you are in any other English class, please check with your teacher for your assignment(s).

Please contact me with any questions. Happy reading!

Schoology Join Codes for 2017-18

Here are the codes you need to join my classes in Schoology for the 2017-18 academic year:

Honors English II (periods 1 & 2) –> N84CS-D45SZ

English IV (periods 4 & 9) –> 6NDTG-X74PK

AP Literature & Composition (8th period) –> R2Z53-7NVR5

Journalism (3rd period) –> ZV7JT-3W2KK

You can access Schoology by clicking on the link to the left.

Seniors – How to Save Your High School Work Before Your Account is Deleted


Your school Google accounts will be deactivated at some point over the summer — but fear not! If you don’t already know how to save all of your work elsewhere, here are the basics (special thanks to Mr. Wallis for providing this information very quickly after I asked for it!):

2. Scroll down to Control Your Content
3. Student has the option to Download your data to a flash drive.
4. Follow the prompts.
As for your student H drive, you can just copy everything onto a flash drive.
I DO recommend saving everything, at least for a few years. Sometimes it is useful to refer to old assignments when you’re working on new ones.
Please let me or Mr. Wallis know if you have any questions or issues with moving & saving your files.

ELA 1 & 2 Practice AIR Test Link

Both freshman and sophomores should use this link to get to the practice AIR test. Once you get there,  please WAIT for everyone else so we can work through it together.

2016-17 Midterm Study Sheets

English midterm exams will be administered on Tuesday, January 10th from 9:15-10:45 in various locations (check schedules posted in hallways for yours).

As promised, here are your study sheets. We will be doing some review in class when we return from winter break, but if you have any questions before that please email me at mneville@cuyhts.org . Don’t wait until the last minute to study!

English 4: -2016-17-midterm-study-sheet

AP Lit: ap-lit-2016-17-midterm-study-sheet

Honors English II: 2015-16-he2-midterm-study-sheet