2016-17 Midterm Study Sheets

English midterm exams will be administered on Tuesday, January 10th from 9:15-10:45 in various locations (check schedules posted in hallways for yours).

As promised, here are your study sheets. We will be doing some review in class when we return from winter break, but if you have any questions before that please email me at mneville@cuyhts.org . Don’t wait until the last minute to study!

English 4: -2016-17-midterm-study-sheet

AP Lit: ap-lit-2016-17-midterm-study-sheet

Honors English II: 2015-16-he2-midterm-study-sheet


Pre-Winter Break Updates for All Classes

1.) Due to yesterday’s day off, I unfortunately do not have your midterm study sheets ready to give to you today. I will get them done by Monday or Tuesday of next week, though, and post them here for those of you who are interested in getting a head start on studying.

2.) Just some friendly reminders of what you need to do over break:

  • AP Literature & Composition — Finish reading Hamlet, read and annotate “Hamlet: The Matter of Character”, and complete the practice multiple choice questions you’ve been given. Note that you will have a vocabulary quiz on the day after we return, and a quiz over acts 4 & 5 on the Friday of that week. Be ready!
  • English IV — Finish reading Hamlet, completing the study guide as you do so. Be aware that you have a vocabulary quiz on the day after we return from break, and then a quiz over acts 4 & 5 on the Thursday of that week. Be ready!
  • Honors English II — Finish reading The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Note that you have an assignment due on the day we return (check your December assignment schedule for specifics), a vocabulary quiz on the day after that, and a quiz over Julius Caesar Acts 4 & 5 on the Friday of that week. Be ready!
  • Journalism — Keep up on national and world news events! Your current events quiz on Wednesday, January 4th will be roughly twice as long as usual and will cover December 19-January 3.