Satire Week ’08

SENIORS: As we explore satire from the 17th & 18th centuries and our own popular culture, you will need to use the following links for various assignments.

* Please read this brief commentary on the definitions and use of satire techniques. It will hopefully help you process the notes you took in class on Monday, December 8th.

* The website for Monday night’s homework assignment (The Simpsons character analysis) can be found here.

* Two good informational sites about Jonathan Swift are The Literature Network and Victorian Web.

* You can always find good political cartoons at this site. Remember though, you will only understand the joke in a political cartoon if you actually follow the news. Even spending fifteen minutes of your time each day on,,,,, or any other reputable news source will keep you more informed (and, consequently, able to “get” more jokes). Once you are informed about your world, THEN you can fully enjoy TV shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.

More links may be posted later in the week — please check back often.

Supplemental Reading for Fahrenheit 451

Pre-AP students, please read this article over the weekend. You should then write a 1-2 page (typed and double spaced) analysis of which points in the article you believe correspond to the history provided by Capt. Beatty on pages 54-62 of Fahrenheit 451. Please support your ideas with direct quotes from both sources, and provide a works cited page at the end of your essay.

More details about the assignment will be given in class on Friday, December 5th.

You also need to view this video in preparation for next week’s discussions.