What Did I Miss? 9/27/10

Sophomores: You read scene 1 of Antigone over the weekend; in class today you answered questions 1-7 on p. 761 for a grade (14 pts). Tomorrow after your vocabulary quiz we’ll read scene 2 aloud.

Seniors: We took our Monday vocabulary quiz and got our new words (see below for a downloadable list). I had everyone (gasp) use dictionaries to look up the definitions.

There are two very important due dates coming up this week: (1) AR book #1 quiz due on Wednesday for 20 points; (2) Career Portfolio (resume, references, and career narrative NOT stapled) is due on Thursday for 30 points).

Senior Vocab LIST #5 2010-11

What Did I Miss? 9/20/10

English IV: Here is your new vocabulary list with definitions: Vocab List #4.  Also, don’t forget you need three body paragraphs for tomorrow.

Pre-AP English: Vocab quiz tomorrow — be ready!

What Did I Miss? 9/13 & 9/14

English IV: Senior Vocab List #3 2010-11 These are the same words you copied from the board on Monday, but some people like to have it set up in this format to help them study. Also, as a reward for faithfully checking this site, the definitions are all included!

Tomorrow’s Beowulf test will be all objective (multiple choice, matching, T/F) and consist of questions that ask you to look at the story from multiple perspectives: cultural (who were the Anglo-Saxons, and how is their culture reflected in the story?), literary (plot, themes, characters, tone, setting, allusions, etc.), and language (kennings, features of oral storytelling such as alliteration and assonance, etc.)

And finally: If you want to go see Othello on October 20th, you MUST turn in your permission slip and check for $11 by this Friday. I currently only have those two things from about a dozen of you. NUDGE.

Pre-AP English — You will be quizzed over the last of the BIG vocabulary lists (perpetuate – prudent & supplant – wooden) one week from today. After that we will start studying considerably shorter lists from Greek & Latin roots (it’s ok; you’re allowed to smile at that).

Journalism/ Mass Communication — Here are your notes from the end of class today, plus some information about a quiz you will have on Friday (approx. 30 points): Types of Interview Questions/ Quiz notes

9/10/10: What Did I Miss?

English IV: I enjoyed our kenning activity today… thanks for making my job fun! It’s interesting to consider why the Anglo-Saxons used kennings and riddles so much — they didn’t have the “external” forms of entertainment we enjoy today, so they had to find internal intellectual entertainment. It just makes sense.

Anyhow, to the business at hand.  Your weekend homework: Complete the Heroes, Monsters, and Villains worksheet to prepare yourself for Monday’s class. I just realized I don’t have it on my computer (I had a laptop stolen a few years ago, and every now and then I discover things I hadn’t backed up and therefore couldn’t transfer to my new one), so if you were absent I will just have to give you a hard copy on Monday. My apologies.

Also, don’t forget to study your vocabulary words for Monday’s quiz (if you don’t have them with you, fear not — they are attached to the 9/8 WDIM? post).

Two final important things: (1) Your Beowulf Test is on Wednesday, September 15th; (2) Your permission slip and $11 to see Othello on October 20th are due on Friday, September 17th — that’s one week from today!

Pre-AP English: This weekend you need to read the handout I gave you about the Scottsboro trials, and then complete #s 1, 4, & 5 on the front of the “Are You Sure?” handout and both questions on the back.

Good luck to everyone in their various endeavors this weekend, be they athletic, musical, academic, or personal.

9/8: What Did I Miss?

English IV: Vocab quiz #1; Your second vocabulary list was distributed and we started working with the new words. You have much less time to get to know this list, so study!

Pre-AP: Vocab Quiz #2. The words covered on #3 are mobile-perpetual and raucous-stealthy.

Othello Field Trip!

Mr. Bogigian and I are hoping to take as many English IV students as possible to the Great Lakes Theater Festival’s student matinee of Othello on October 20th. It is during the school day, so attendees will be responsible for making up any missed work.

In order to secure tickets, anyone wishing to attend MUST turn in a signed permission slip (distributed in class) and a check for $11 (made out to Independence High School) to me or Mr. Bogigian NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th.

This is a great opportunity to see a (slightly modernized) production of a Shakespeare play at a very affordable price and in good company. Those who choose not to attend will be given an Othello-related assignment to complete instead.

9/7/10: What Did I Miss?

Due to our morning assembly, we had shortened classes today.

English IV: LMC for NoveList demo and AR book selection. Vocab quiz tomorrow.

Pre-AP English: LMC for NoveList demo and AR book selection. Vocab quiz tomorrow; please bring your copy of Alas, Babylon (if you have a school-issued copy) to return.

Journalism/Mass Communication: Don’t forget to read your lead writing tips for tomorrow.

9/1 — What Did I Miss?

English IV — Homework points were awarded for your Beowulf study guide part 1, so if you were absent be sure to show it to me as soon as you return so you can still receive credit. Tonight’s reading assignment: p. 34-39; no study guide (instead you will participate in a few activities during class tomorrow to demonstrate your knowledge of the reading assignment).

Pre-AP English — We worked on using significant passages to establish themes of the novel Alas, Babylon. Tomorrow will (sadly) be our last day to discuss the novel before Friday’s test, so if you have questions or concerns please be sure to speak up in class tomorrow.