What Did I Miss? 9/13 & 9/14

English IV: Senior Vocab List #3 2010-11 These are the same words you copied from the board on Monday, but some people like to have it set up in this format to help them study. Also, as a reward for faithfully checking this site, the definitions are all included!

Tomorrow’s Beowulf test will be all objective (multiple choice, matching, T/F) and consist of questions that ask you to look at the story from multiple perspectives: cultural (who were the Anglo-Saxons, and how is their culture reflected in the story?), literary (plot, themes, characters, tone, setting, allusions, etc.), and language (kennings, features of oral storytelling such as alliteration and assonance, etc.)

And finally: If you want to go see Othello on October 20th, you MUST turn in your permission slip and check for $11 by this Friday. I currently only have those two things from about a dozen of you. NUDGE.

Pre-AP English — You will be quizzed over the last of the BIG vocabulary lists (perpetuate – prudent & supplant – wooden) one week from today. After that we will start studying considerably shorter lists from Greek & Latin roots (it’s ok; you’re allowed to smile at that).

Journalism/ Mass Communication — Here are your notes from the end of class today, plus some information about a quiz you will have on Friday (approx. 30 points): Types of Interview Questions/ Quiz notes

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