8/31/10 — What did I miss?

Seniors: We covered a few more vocab words and continued our investigation into background information relevant to Beowulf. Homework due tomorrow: read pages 17-33 and complete this study guide.

Pre-AP: Your class meeting cut into our class today, so all we had time for was your vocabulary quiz. No formal homework for tonight.

Journalism/Mass Comm: News Writing Workshop 1 packet due tomorrow (the parts I assigned in class).

8/30/10 — What Did I Miss?

Seniors: Today in class we did several things: (1) Went over the meanings, uses, etc. of our first three vocabulary words (click here for a list of all of this week’s words), (2) discussed and took notes on the EPIC, and (3) learned some basic background information about the Anglo-Saxon people. Your assignments for the evening are to look up and record definitions for the rest of your vocabulary list, and read pages 5-8 & 12-15 in your textbook. Remember, you have online access to your textbook in case you left it at school.

Pre-AP Sophomores: We began our week-long review of Alas, Babylon by taking on the identities of characters and introducing ourselves. No homework for the evening, but remember that there is a vocabulary quiz tomorrow. You will need to bring your copy of Alas, Babylon to class with you for post-quiz activities.

Home from London

I’m back from a fabulous month in the UK. I was mainly in London, but took a few short trips to other places of literary interest. Here’s a small taste of the experience (much, much more coming…):

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Former students may recognize places and images significant to Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, Christopher Marlowe, and Beowulf. Future students, you’ll catch the references soon enough. And yes, there are also references to some current popular literature.

My trip to England was invigorating and educational — I’m looking forward to sharing all that I learned when the new academic year starts next week.