8/30/10 — What Did I Miss?

Seniors: Today in class we did several things: (1) Went over the meanings, uses, etc. of our first three vocabulary words (click here for a list of all of this week’s words), (2) discussed and took notes on the EPIC, and (3) learned some basic background information about the Anglo-Saxon people. Your assignments for the evening are to look up and record definitions for the rest of your vocabulary list, and read pages 5-8 & 12-15 in your textbook. Remember, you have online access to your textbook in case you left it at school.

Pre-AP Sophomores: We began our week-long review of Alas, Babylon by taking on the identities of characters and introducing ourselves. No homework for the evening, but remember that there is a vocabulary quiz tomorrow. You will need to bring your copy of Alas, Babylon to class with you for post-quiz activities.

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