Um, has my teacher completely lost it, or is it just Halloween?

For all of you wondering what on earth my Halloween costume is, this may help:

The Birds Fan-made Trailer

This is a great film by a great director — Alfred Hitchcock. I studied his work extensively in grad school, and thought this year I’d pay homage to The Birds for Halloween. It’s based on a short story of the same name by Daphne DuMaurier.





What did I miss? 10/29

English IV Regular & Honors: We took a vocabulary quiz that you MUST make up tomorrow or your grade will be incomplete for this nine weeks. After the quiz, we watched about 20 more minutes of the movie. Don’t forget to keep working on your Quest for Chivalry journal project. ***Please note: there was an error in yesterday’s post which has now been fixed. I accidentally uploaded a rough-draft version of your handout, but the link has been corrected to provide you with the “production-quality” one. Sorry for any confusion.

Pre-AP English: We did some vocabulary review at the beginning of class, then introduced The Paradox of Choice. Over the weekend you will need to read portions of this book excerpt and write a response (directions will be posted tomorrow).

English II: We shared and critiqued some of the vocab creative writing pieces with the class as a method of reviewing for tomorrow’s quiz, then discussed chapter 6 of A Separate Peace.

What did I miss? 10/28

English IV Regular and Honors: We began watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You will need to print and read this handout (*note: this link has been fixed now, so you will get the correct handout by clicking on it). In order to answer the questions, you will need to watch the first 32 minutes of the film. You can do this in one of three ways: (1) Stop in during 6th, 7th, or 8th period to watch the portion of the film you missed. (2) Get the movie from the library, Netflix, or other means of borrowing DVDs and watch it at home. (3) Watch some of the scenes (“Coconuts and Swallows”, “Bring Out Your Dead”, The Annoying Peasant, The Black Knight, “She’s a Witch!”, “The Blessing”, and “French Taunting”)on YouTube. If you go with the YouTube option, be sure to watch them in the order I’ve posted them. This will cover almost the entire portion we viewed today.

Pre-AP English — Quickwrite: What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? After the QW, we discussed how the two concepts fit in with both the novel and the time period during which it was written. Reading time was allowed for the last 15 minutes of class (The Sieve and the Sand is due on Friday). *** All makeup Antigone tests must be completed tomorrow in class.

English II Regular: Vocab Creative Writing due today; finally, you were given the majority of the period to read and work on your study guide for chapter 6. Don’t forget that your vocabulary quiz has been moved to FRIDAY.

What did I miss? 10/27

English IV Regular: We reviewed Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by identifying five things that qualify it as a romance, and five instances of chivalry in it. Try this on your own if you were absent. Be specific — don’t just say Sir Gawain goes on a quest; indicate what his quest is. Don’t just say he exhibited self-control, explain a situation in which he did so. I will want to see this (written down) by the end of the week from each senior who was absent today. We also did a vocabulary activity (semantic maps) that I can give you when you return. Please remember Thursday’s vocabulary quiz!

English IV Honors: Please note that Thursday’s vocab quiz will be the first “honors version” vocab quiz of the year. If you have questions about what this means, please ask me before/after class tomorrow.

* M.M. from 4th period,  I hope you’re starting to feel better after having your wisdom teeth out. I’ll even use an emoticon to prove it. 🙂 See?

Pre-AP: Study Island is up and running. Be sure to do both (reading AND writing) pretests by 10:00 tonight. In class we broke into discussion groups, each of which had an individual question to answer and then share with the class. Check a classmate’s notes or ask me for a copy of the questions to ponder on your own. Bring your VOCAB list tomorrow.

English II: Everyone was present, however, here are the directions for the Vocabulary Creative Writing Assignment I said I’d post. Please also remember to do your SI tonight if you haven’t already!

What did I miss? 10/26

English IV Regular and Honors: VERY busy class today with three major phases. (1) We went over your homework from this weekend — you were to have read the green handout and the excerpt of SGGK in your textbook, then answered questions 1-4, 7, and 11 on page 203. (2) I handed out a vocabulary activity. We did part of it in class to get everyone started, and then the rest was assigned for homework. (3) The Quest for Chivalry assignment officially began. It was handed out as a booklet, but you can still download and print it. *** Tomorrow I will check your vocab sentences and your progress in the Quest.

Pre-AP English — We went over your homework questions and discussed some of the major/most interesting parts of The Hearth and the Salamander. This will continue tomorrow, and we will also be WRITING about the section. Be prepared!

English II — We took some notes (they are in Keynote, so if you use a Mac I will happily email them to you if requested; otherwise, I’ll give you a printout when you return), went over chapter 5 questions, and began an “epiphany” assignment. When you return, you will need to turn in the following within 24 hours: (1) a QuickWrite explaining whether you believe Gene DID or DID NOT intentionally hurt Finny at the end of chapter four, and WHY. You must use textual evidence to support your claim. (2) The Epiphany handout, which I can’t upload at the moment — when I get home I’ll upload it from there.

What Did I Miss? 10/22

English IV Regular & Honors: We did the first half of the introduction to our 2nd unit of Middle Ages literature. I’ll post the notes and handouts tomorrow when we’ve finished the introduction. No homework tonight, but BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK tomorrow!

English II: We continued our examination of chapter 3 from yesterday — rules, blitzball, etc. Chapter 4 is due tomorrow, along with two handouts that I can’t attach here because of copyright laws. I’ve saved copies of them for the two of you who were absent.

Pre-AP English: All of Part 1 (The Hearth and the Salamander) of Fahrenheit 451 will be due Monday.  We took a delightful “quiz” today that was more like a series of baffling questions intended to point out how little most people absorb of the world immediately around them; this kicked off a discussion of the first twenty or so pages of the novel. For tomorrow, please be prepared to discuss figurative language and characterization.

What did I miss? 10/21

Pre-AP English: All students need to download and print a copy of the Fahrenheit 451 Study Guide. You need to read p. 3-21 and answer S.G. questions 1-13 (you may skip #8) for tomorrow. If you were absent, please complete a Quick Write (give yourself 15 minutes) explaining whether you think technology does more HARM or GOOD for us.

English II: We began class with a Quick Write: We all follow many sets of rules: school rules, family rules, team rules, etc. As you grow older, you’re probably starting to develop your own philosophies and regulations to follow. List and explain one or several of your own “rules for life”. Chapter 3 study guide was checked for homework points; we then briefly examined Finny’s rules and their significance to his character development.  Ten minutes of class time was allowed for silent reading. 

English IV Regular: The Guidance Department visited today to provide you with information regarding the college application process, FAFSA, etc. See Dr. Termini ASAP to get caught up on this. Also, if you did not do your presentation yesterday you MUST be ready to go tomorrow.

English IV Honors: Same as Reg. English IV; don’t forget to finish your AP-style CT questions for tomorrow.