What did I miss? 10/26

English IV Regular and Honors: VERY busy class today with three major phases. (1) We went over your homework from this weekend — you were to have read the green handout and the excerpt of SGGK in your textbook, then answered questions 1-4, 7, and 11 on page 203. (2) I handed out a vocabulary activity. We did part of it in class to get everyone started, and then the rest was assigned for homework. (3) The Quest for Chivalry assignment officially began. It was handed out as a booklet, but you can still download and print it. *** Tomorrow I will check your vocab sentences and your progress in the Quest.

Pre-AP English — We went over your homework questions and discussed some of the major/most interesting parts of The Hearth and the Salamander. This will continue tomorrow, and we will also be WRITING about the section. Be prepared!

English II — We took some notes (they are in Keynote, so if you use a Mac I will happily email them to you if requested; otherwise, I’ll give you a printout when you return), went over chapter 5 questions, and began an “epiphany” assignment. When you return, you will need to turn in the following within 24 hours: (1) a QuickWrite explaining whether you believe Gene DID or DID NOT intentionally hurt Finny at the end of chapter four, and WHY. You must use textual evidence to support your claim. (2) The Epiphany handout, which I can’t upload at the moment — when I get home I’ll upload it from there.

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