What Did I Miss? 10/22

English IV Regular & Honors: We did the first half of the introduction to our 2nd unit of Middle Ages literature. I’ll post the notes and handouts tomorrow when we’ve finished the introduction. No homework tonight, but BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK tomorrow!

English II: We continued our examination of chapter 3 from yesterday — rules, blitzball, etc. Chapter 4 is due tomorrow, along with two handouts that I can’t attach here because of copyright laws. I’ve saved copies of them for the two of you who were absent.

Pre-AP English: All of Part 1 (The Hearth and the Salamander) of Fahrenheit 451 will be due Monday.  We took a delightful “quiz” today that was more like a series of baffling questions intended to point out how little most people absorb of the world immediately around them; this kicked off a discussion of the first twenty or so pages of the novel. For tomorrow, please be prepared to discuss figurative language and characterization.

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