What did I miss? 10/21

Pre-AP English: All students need to download and print a copy of the Fahrenheit 451 Study Guide. You need to read p. 3-21 and answer S.G. questions 1-13 (you may skip #8) for tomorrow. If you were absent, please complete a Quick Write (give yourself 15 minutes) explaining whether you think technology does more HARM or GOOD for us.

English II: We began class with a Quick Write: We all follow many sets of rules: school rules, family rules, team rules, etc. As you grow older, you’re probably starting to develop your own philosophies and regulations to follow. List and explain one or several of your own “rules for life”. Chapter 3 study guide was checked for homework points; we then briefly examined Finny’s rules and their significance to his character development.  Ten minutes of class time was allowed for silent reading. 

English IV Regular: The Guidance Department visited today to provide you with information regarding the college application process, FAFSA, etc. See Dr. Termini ASAP to get caught up on this. Also, if you did not do your presentation yesterday you MUST be ready to go tomorrow.

English IV Honors: Same as Reg. English IV; don’t forget to finish your AP-style CT questions for tomorrow.

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