What Did I Miss? 10/20

English IV: Class presentations today — no homework. If your group did not present today, be prepared to do so on Thursday (we will have a guest speaker tomorrow).

Honors English IV: — Same as Regular Eng. IV. If you did not pick up the AP-style assignment from your folders, please be sure to do so tomorrow so you can have it done by the due date (Thursday).

English II: We went over study guide questions for chapter 2 of A Separate Peace (I’ll check yours for homework points when you return). In class we began a comparison/contrast of Gene and Finny that you should continue to fill out as you read chapter 3 (due tomorrow). I also passed out your new vocabulary list (words from A Separate Peace chapters 1-5) to start studying, and a list of Study Island assignments due dates.

Pre-AP English: We mainly worked on developing strong thesis statements for our Antigone essays. We also briefly discussed how to document direct quotes from the play. Please remember that a hard copy of your essay with proper heading/formatting is due in class tomorrow. You will have a chance to revise it further, but I need a neat (typed) hard copy in order to give you feedback and points.

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