Flu News

Oh boy. Flu season is here.

Everyone here at IHS is of course doing all we can to try to control the spread of the nasty little bug, but in order to deal with inevitable absences and such here is the plan for my English classes:

1.) Starting tomorrow, I will post as much downloadable class material as possible (lecture notes, activities, Quick Write prompts, readings, etc.) on this site DAILY . Since a decent number of you will probably have to miss class at some point or another, this will allow you to keep up with what we’re doing at school. I will continue to Tweet reminders as usual, but for the duration of this flu season you should also check this site for assignments. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

2.) To keep germs from passing back and forth on paper, I will be having you download/turn in some assignments online. You’ll hear more about this in class.

3.) Please be sure you take care of yourself. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, drink water, eat healthful foods, and WASH YOUR HANDS or use hand sanitizer as often as possible.

4.) If you get sick, please stay home. When I was in high school I NEVER stayed home (perfect attendance all four years!), so I understand how many of you may hate to miss a day and get a little behind — but please understand that I will be happy to help you catch up when you get back.

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