Study Hints for 1984 Part 1 Quiz

Thursday’s quiz (English IV only) will count for 50 points and is ALL FILL-IN. Yes, word bank will be provided. Answering the following fifteen questions thoroughly will help you get ready for the quiz:


1.)    What is the difference between Newspeak and Oldspeak?

2.)    List five things that we can do that people living under the Party’s rule cannot do.

3.)    What are the tools Winston uses to do his job?

4.)    What are the names of the four ministries?

5.)    What are the Newspeak names of the four ministries?

6.)    Who is Syme?

7.)    Who is Parsons?

8.)    What two objects does Winston acquire from Mr. Charrington’s shop? Why is each important?

9.)    What are the names of the three countries in 1984?

10.) In which country does Winston live?

11.) Know the social structure of Oceania: what are the three groups of people? Which is the largest group? The smallest? Which is Winston part of?

12.) What is Airstrip One?

13.) Who is Ampleforth? What purpose does his character serve during his brief appearance in the novel?

14.) Who is Withers?

15.) HOW do we know Winston lives in a fascist dictatorship? List at LEAST five facts that suggest this.

Small Change in AP Lit Schedule for Next Week

According to your December schedule, we’re having a Socratic Seminar on Monday. However, we need to switch that to THURSDAY, December 19th in order to accommodate the writing workshop we’ll be doing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I hope this notice keeps you from stressing over what sort of preparation you’re supposed to do for a Seminar on Monday… sorry for the last minute change!

Eng. IV: 1984 Journal Assignment and TED Talk Assignment

Your 1984 Journal #1, 2, & 3 assignment due date has been pushed back to MONDAY, December 16th. You can download the assignment by clicking here:  1984 Journal Topic Choices.

Additionally, here is the link to the first TED Talk you need to watch and respond to: After watching the video (I recommend doing so twice), complete the TED Talk of the Week assignment you received in class. This is also due Monday.

Important Dates for English IV

I’m posting these to keep all of you updated despite dozens of absences over the past two weeks. PLEASE remember that you are responsible for completing work even if you are absent! Check with me or with a classmate for what you missed. This makes everyone’s lives easier, including your own. 

Friday, December 6th: Independent Reading #2 due (reviews, multi-genre projects, and book chats must be completed BEFORE coming to class; one-pagers can be done DURING class. Bring your book if you plan to do a one-pager.) No excuses, no exceptions. You have had these due dates since September; also, they are hanging up on the bulletin board and you are given frequent verbal reminders.

Monday, December 9th: 1984 p. 23-53 due, plus study guide questions for chapters II-IV.

TUES. 12/10: Vocab quiz over 1984 List #2. The words: dupe, clandestine, lucid, derisive, vindictive, loathe, vivid, odious, din, voluptuous, inscrutable, equivocal, partisanship, stagnant, mutability, myriad, reproach, gilded, zealot, and labyrinthine. You are responsible for looking up the definitions and asking me questions if you are unclear on any of them. This must be done BEFORE quiz time. Not being in class on the day we went over them does NOT exempt you from the quiz.

WED. 12/11: 1984 p. 54-70 due, plus study guide questions for chapter V.

THURS. 12/12p. 70-76 of 1984 + corresponding study guide questions.

FRI. 12/13: Journal entries 1-3 due

MON. 12/16: TED Talk #1 response due; also p. 77-90 of 1984 + corresponding study guide questions.

TUES. 12/17: Vocabulary quiz over 1984 unit 3. Words: repudiate, pneumatic, supersede, heretical, multifarious, conspicuous, philologist, protuberant, vapid, divined, discretion, aloof, venerated, zeal, bestow, edified, proliferate, scuttle, inextricably, tacit.

WED. 12/18: TED Talk #2 response due, plus p. 90-114 of 1984 & corresponding study guide questions. 

THURS. 12/19: Quiz over 1984 Part One. Fill-in, 50 points.

FRI. 12/20: No homework due. 🙂 Over break, your only two jobs are to study 1984 Vocabulary list #4 (debauchery, posterity, balminess, palpable, amulet, amulet, pugnacious, bourgeoisie, debase, cumbersome, incongruous, pealing, lassitude, fatuous, extricate, insatiable, enunciate, privation, prosaic, gratuitous, deprecating, impudent) and complete a TED talk response sheet for a talk of your choice (list of choices will be posted here soon).