Important Dates for English IV

I’m posting these to keep all of you updated despite dozens of absences over the past two weeks. PLEASE remember that you are responsible for completing work even if you are absent! Check with me or with a classmate for what you missed. This makes everyone’s lives easier, including your own. 

Friday, December 6th: Independent Reading #2 due (reviews, multi-genre projects, and book chats must be completed BEFORE coming to class; one-pagers can be done DURING class. Bring your book if you plan to do a one-pager.) No excuses, no exceptions. You have had these due dates since September; also, they are hanging up on the bulletin board and you are given frequent verbal reminders.

Monday, December 9th: 1984 p. 23-53 due, plus study guide questions for chapters II-IV.

TUES. 12/10: Vocab quiz over 1984 List #2. The words: dupe, clandestine, lucid, derisive, vindictive, loathe, vivid, odious, din, voluptuous, inscrutable, equivocal, partisanship, stagnant, mutability, myriad, reproach, gilded, zealot, and labyrinthine. You are responsible for looking up the definitions and asking me questions if you are unclear on any of them. This must be done BEFORE quiz time. Not being in class on the day we went over them does NOT exempt you from the quiz.

WED. 12/11: 1984 p. 54-70 due, plus study guide questions for chapter V.

THURS. 12/12p. 70-76 of 1984 + corresponding study guide questions.

FRI. 12/13: Journal entries 1-3 due

MON. 12/16: TED Talk #1 response due; also p. 77-90 of 1984 + corresponding study guide questions.

TUES. 12/17: Vocabulary quiz over 1984 unit 3. Words: repudiate, pneumatic, supersede, heretical, multifarious, conspicuous, philologist, protuberant, vapid, divined, discretion, aloof, venerated, zeal, bestow, edified, proliferate, scuttle, inextricably, tacit.

WED. 12/18: TED Talk #2 response due, plus p. 90-114 of 1984 & corresponding study guide questions. 

THURS. 12/19: Quiz over 1984 Part One. Fill-in, 50 points.

FRI. 12/20: No homework due. 🙂 Over break, your only two jobs are to study 1984 Vocabulary list #4 (debauchery, posterity, balminess, palpable, amulet, amulet, pugnacious, bourgeoisie, debase, cumbersome, incongruous, pealing, lassitude, fatuous, extricate, insatiable, enunciate, privation, prosaic, gratuitous, deprecating, impudent) and complete a TED talk response sheet for a talk of your choice (list of choices will be posted here soon).

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