Senior Project Follow-Up


Apologies in advance if I get a little mushy here: but wow. I just watched about 15 senior project presentations, and to say I am impressed is an understatement. Not only were they professionally done, but the projects themselves consisted of meaningful work without a hint of slacking off. I actually feel a little bad that I was surprised by that — but after some slacking off that has been done at the end of this year by many seniors, I’m sure you can understand. I think you may have redeemed yourselves.

I was thrilled to see how enthusiastic the project participants were, and hope you all maintain that enthusiasm and passion throughout the next several years of arduous work it will take to reach stated career goals. I know when I get frustrated as a teacher sometimes I look back to things I wrote and did on the way to becoming a teacher, and it always helps. You must remember why you get into a career in the first place, and tap into that original enthusiasm often so you don’t lose your spark.

Oh, and YES, I caught the 1984 reference in one of your presentations! You know who you are! 🙂 That made my day.

Back to work for me now — I just needed to make sure you all know how much of an impact you just had on me today. Thank you.

Class of 2013 Exit Surveys

SENIORS! I must make one last request of you before you graduate: please select the appropriate link below and spend about 10-15 minutes providing feedback on your experiences in English class this year. Your responses to these questions help me plan for future classes, so I sincerely appreciate your honesty and thoroughness!

AP Lit students:

English IV students: 

PARENTS: I am currently working on two surveys for you — one for those of you whose kids were in any of my classes THIS year, and one for those of you whose kids will be in any of my classes NEXT year. Stay posted for updates!

7th Per. Homework Reminder

Your job for this weekend, my dear 8th graders, is this:

Revise the creative writing you did in class yesterday (and had returned to you today) to make your sentences flow better. You can do this in various ways that will all show evidence of what you’ve learned this year, and I encourage you to use as many as possible. However, your points on this assignment will come from being able to demonstrate in class on Tuesday at least TWO places where you COMBINED sentences using the punctuation marks we’ve learned about, a conjunction, or both. 

Your revised copy must be TYPED in a 12-point font, double-spaced, and be stapled on top of your original handwritten copy. Don’t forget to put your name in the top left corner.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Have a fun and safe long* weekend.



(* I intentionally didn’t put a comma between “safe” and “long” because “long weekend” is a compound noun; thus, the rule about two adjectives describing the same noun needing a comma is trumped.) 

English IV Final for Students NOT on Senior Project

To prepare for your final, please review the following:

* 1984 notes (especially terms, characters, etc.)

* Dystopia notes

* Glossary of Film Terms (ALL terms on the handout)

* The Matrix:

* V for Vendetta:


Be ready for your test on Friday!


Last Assignment for AP :(

Ok remaining APers, here’s what you need to do tonight.

You’ve already written your brief first impression of what’s going on in this image:

free will

For the second part, please review your notes on FEMINIST LITERARY CRITICISM and write a 1-page analysis of the image from that particular perspective. It’s fine to hand-write this as long as it’s legible; however, typing is of course also an option.

For the third phase, pick ONE OTHER TYPE OF LITERARY CRITICISM to use as a lens for analyzing this image. Again, generate approximately a page of analysis using that perspective.

Yes, this is for points!

The more you get done tonight, the more time we’ll have for other fun stuff during your last day of class tomorrow. Hint hint! Nudge nudge!



Yes, EVERYONE will be doing summer reading this year. I will be in all junior English classes over the next few days to introduce the assignment and answer any questions you may have, but for those of you who would like a preview here is all of the information you (class of 2014) need:

CHHS AP Lit Summer Assignments 2013-14

CHHS ENG. IV Summer Assignment 2013-14