Defend Ohio’s Libraries!

Ok devoted library patrons, it’s time to put your persuasive writing and speaking skills to work. 

In a few days, state legislators will be voting on a proposed budget cut that would slash funding to libraries by an egregious 50 %. Libraries are already extremely strapped for cash and many rely almost completely on public funding — so if this cut passes it would almost surely mean that many libraries will close and those left will have to dramatically trim the services they offer. 

You can imagine what detriment this would bring to communities across Ohio. Please, PLEASE contact your legislators to let them know how you feel about this! Even if you aren’t old enough to vote, you will be in a few short years… and future votes are more valuable to those hoping for reelection than past votes. 

What you can do:

1.) Write, call, or email the following people (this is contact information for Independence residents — if you live elsewhere, check here). Identify yourself as a constituent and clearly, maturely state your concerns about the proposed budget cuts. Explain how the library system is important to you as the future of Ohio! 

Senator Thomas F. Patton                             

Senate Building
Room #140, First Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Telephone: 614/466-8056


Click here for Gov. Strickland’s contact information.


Representative Josh Mandel

77 S. High St
10th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 644-6041

2.) Attend a rally tomorrow (June 24th) at 10:30 AM at Cleveland Public Library. It’s located downtown at East 6th Street and Superior Avenue — be sure you know where you’re going, and understand that you may need to pay to park and/or park far away because it is a workday and you’ll be downtown. It’s best to go with a group of people and designate one as the navigator. 


Welcome 2009-10 Pre-AP Students!

     I’m glad I got to meet most of you during the last week or two of school, and look forward to working with you next year. I noticed a spike in site hits over the last few days, so I’m happily surmising that you’ve read through your instruction packet for your summer reading. Thumbs up. Staying on top of things is ALWAYS a good idea. 

     Speaking of your summer reading, there is apparently one item missing from some/most people’s envelopes — the writing prompts for you to choose from. Two people came to see me on Friday and asked for them; in case more people are having the same problem I will post the prompts here on Monday when I am in my classroom again. 

     Enjoy your time off, and don’t forget to check back frequently! If you already use Twitter, feel free to follow me @Ms_Neville .