Cultural Literacy for Seniors (quiz 4/30)

It is my understanding that everyone who was absent on Monday did get the notes on this, but just in case you need the list on the go:

Remember, you are only responsible for knowing the first 15 for the quiz.

If you have time, I encourage you to brows around AFI’s other lists and pick a few classic movies to watch over the summer. You’ll be amazed how often the films on these lists are alluded to in popular culture… and you won’t catch the allusions if you aren’t familiar with the movies!

(Ah-ha, that’s the point of these Cult Lit units we’ve been doing…)


All Sophomores

To prepare for Monday’s class activity, please listen to this speech and take some notes on it. Please consider the following:

* What is the speaker’s obligation to his audience? How well does he accomplish it? How do you know?

* What is significant about pronouns used in this speech? It may be helpful to list them and keep track of how many times each is used.

* How do the context and content of this speech compare and contrast to those of the speeches made in Act III of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?