Seniors: Field Trip Project Info

E4 Lit Extension Investigation


Seniors: Cult Lit numero cinq

Cultural Literacy List #5: French words and terms used in English

1.)  joie de vivre – exuberance

2.) je ne sais quoi – an elusive, mysterious quality (literally translates “I don’t know what”)

3.) au contraire – on the contrary

4.) c’est la vie – that’s life; such is life

5.) du jour – of the day

6.) touché – “you got me!” (literally translates to “touch”)

7.) faux pas – a social blunder

8.) haute couture – hot/high fashion

9.) savoir–faire – social adeptness

10.) raison d’être – reason for being; justification; basis

11.) en route – on the way

12.) femme fatale – an attractive but dangerous woman

Cultural Literacy Unit 4 (Seniors)

Idioms you’ll need to know for Monday’s quiz:

Definitions were given on Monday. If you need them, check with a classmate!

1.) the elephant in the room

2.) skeletons in one’s closet

3.) cold feet

4.) the pot calling the kettle black

5.)  airing one’s dirty laundry

6.) the eleventh hour

7.) sacred cow

8.) crackpot

9.) cold turkey

10.) pay lipservice

11.) play second fiddle

12.) tongue in cheek


9th period clarification

You were each been assigned a Literature Circle role today, but are probably wondering WHAT reading selection you are supposed to focus on for it. Here’s the answer: p. 260-297. I apologize for not writing this on the board before I had to dash down to my meeting. I’ll be back in class tomorrow and can clarify more if necessary.

7th period

Several people were absent from 7th period today. If you are one of them, here is what you need to know for tomorrow:

1.) Please turn in your vocabulary assignment (word maps or creative writing) that was due today as soon as you get back.

2.) Please read through the end of Act II — there is a study guide for it that you can pick up when you return, but you should still read tonight without it.


iMovie Preview for Pre-AP

For those of you who are unfamiliar with iMovie, you will be amazed by how intuitive it is to use. If you can drag and drop files, you can make a movie.

This is a very concise tutorial that covers all of the basics quickly:

I will provide extra instruction in class as needed — I’m aware that many of you already know how to use iMovie, so I don’t want to take up too much time starting from scratch. I’ll try to meet each of you where you are and help you move up a few levels for this project.