Study Hints for 1984 Part 1 Quiz

Thursday’s quiz (English IV only) will count for 50 points and is ALL FILL-IN. Yes, word bank will be provided. Answering the following fifteen questions thoroughly will help you get ready for the quiz:


1.)    What is the difference between Newspeak and Oldspeak?

2.)    List five things that we can do that people living under the Party’s rule cannot do.

3.)    What are the tools Winston uses to do his job?

4.)    What are the names of the four ministries?

5.)    What are the Newspeak names of the four ministries?

6.)    Who is Syme?

7.)    Who is Parsons?

8.)    What two objects does Winston acquire from Mr. Charrington’s shop? Why is each important?

9.)    What are the names of the three countries in 1984?

10.) In which country does Winston live?

11.) Know the social structure of Oceania: what are the three groups of people? Which is the largest group? The smallest? Which is Winston part of?

12.) What is Airstrip One?

13.) Who is Ampleforth? What purpose does his character serve during his brief appearance in the novel?

14.) Who is Withers?

15.) HOW do we know Winston lives in a fascist dictatorship? List at LEAST five facts that suggest this.

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