What did I miss? 10/27

English IV Regular: We reviewed Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by identifying five things that qualify it as a romance, and five instances of chivalry in it. Try this on your own if you were absent. Be specific — don’t just say Sir Gawain goes on a quest; indicate what his quest is. Don’t just say he exhibited self-control, explain a situation in which he did so. I will want to see this (written down) by the end of the week from each senior who was absent today. We also did a vocabulary activity (semantic maps) that I can give you when you return. Please remember Thursday’s vocabulary quiz!

English IV Honors: Please note that Thursday’s vocab quiz will be the first “honors version” vocab quiz of the year. If you have questions about what this means, please ask me before/after class tomorrow.

* M.M. from 4th period,  I hope you’re starting to feel better after having your wisdom teeth out. I’ll even use an emoticon to prove it. 🙂 See?

Pre-AP: Study Island is up and running. Be sure to do both (reading AND writing) pretests by 10:00 tonight. In class we broke into discussion groups, each of which had an individual question to answer and then share with the class. Check a classmate’s notes or ask me for a copy of the questions to ponder on your own. Bring your VOCAB list tomorrow.

English II: Everyone was present, however, here are the directions for the Vocabulary Creative Writing Assignment I said I’d post. Please also remember to do your SI tonight if you haven’t already!

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