What did I miss? 10/29

English IV Regular & Honors: We took a vocabulary quiz that you MUST make up tomorrow or your grade will be incomplete for this nine weeks. After the quiz, we watched about 20 more minutes of the movie. Don’t forget to keep working on your Quest for Chivalry journal project. ***Please note: there was an error in yesterday’s post which has now been fixed. I accidentally uploaded a rough-draft version of your handout, but the link has been corrected to provide you with the “production-quality” one. Sorry for any confusion.

Pre-AP English: We did some vocabulary review at the beginning of class, then introduced The Paradox of Choice. Over the weekend you will need to read portions of this book excerpt and write a response (directions will be posted tomorrow).

English II: We shared and critiqued some of the vocab creative writing pieces with the class as a method of reviewing for tomorrow’s quiz, then discussed chapter 6 of A Separate Peace.

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  1. Ms. Neville,

    I was wondering if you posted the directions for Pre-AP and the response because I was unable to find them. Since I could not, would it be ok if I turn the paper in on Tuesday since I do not know the topic?


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