9/10/10: What Did I Miss?

English IV: I enjoyed our kenning activity today… thanks for making my job fun! It’s interesting to consider why the Anglo-Saxons used kennings and riddles so much — they didn’t have the “external” forms of entertainment we enjoy today, so they had to find internal intellectual entertainment. It just makes sense.

Anyhow, to the business at hand.  Your weekend homework: Complete the Heroes, Monsters, and Villains worksheet to prepare yourself for Monday’s class. I just realized I don’t have it on my computer (I had a laptop stolen a few years ago, and every now and then I discover things I hadn’t backed up and therefore couldn’t transfer to my new one), so if you were absent I will just have to give you a hard copy on Monday. My apologies.

Also, don’t forget to study your vocabulary words for Monday’s quiz (if you don’t have them with you, fear not — they are attached to the 9/8 WDIM? post).

Two final important things: (1) Your Beowulf Test is on Wednesday, September 15th; (2) Your permission slip and $11 to see Othello on October 20th are due on Friday, September 17th — that’s one week from today!

Pre-AP English: This weekend you need to read the handout I gave you about the Scottsboro trials, and then complete #s 1, 4, & 5 on the front of the “Are You Sure?” handout and both questions on the back.

Good luck to everyone in their various endeavors this weekend, be they athletic, musical, academic, or personal.

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