Tuesday, busy Tuesday

Pre-AP — We will have more fun with TONE tomorrow. You will also get your personal narrative rough drafts back. Coincidence? I think not…


English IV — Please check Progress Book! I realized this afternoon that I had incorrectly recorded your Beowulf test as being worth 85 points. I’ve corrected the mistake (it’s worth 72 points), so your percentage has gone up. Whew! I apologize for not catching it earlier.

Bring your IR book to class tomorrow. It’s your once-a-quarter silent reading opportunity; don’t pass it up.

For those of you who did not get your new vocabulary list yesterday, it is here (with definitions): E4 V6 2011-12.


English II — Here’s your reminder: you have a Study Island assignment due today! Also, you have a vocabulary quiz THIS FRIDAY. Now is a good time to study for it.

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