Twitter, anyone?

I have an idea!

However, I need to find out how realistic of an idea it is before I officially launch it. I would like to use Twitter to comunicate assignment information to my classes next year, but would like to have a test run first to see how well it works.

I have set up a Twitter account under the username “Ms_Neville”. If any of you already use Twitter or would like to join, please sign up to follow me. I will send out daily tweets with homework/test/quiz reminders, interesting quotes, writing tips and ideas, etc. Parents are also welcome to follow if you’d like to keep up on what we’re doing in class.

I look forward to as many people as possible getting involved with this — I think it can be a fabulous tool for English class if we harness it.

See you at!

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  1. Update — Tweets are also now appearing in the right column of this page, so you can see them even if you don’t use Twitter.

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