I just HAVE to put this out there…

I am sitting in a coffee shop where I frequently hide to get work done when being at home is too distracting, and while the barista was getting my coffee I noticed something that made my brain activity jump off the charts: she had the final three lines of Walt Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself” TATTOOED ON THE INSIDE OF HER FOREARM (and I mean the ENTIRE inner part of her forearm)! You know I’m serious, because you know how much I discourage exclamation points and writing in all caps. There is simply no other way to express it. Wow. That’s dedication. Interestingly, that’s the second literary tattoo I have seen in the past year. An English teacher friend of mine has a raven tattooed on his calf atop the word “Nevermore.” I found this wildly entertaining.Please understand I am not encouraging (or even suggesting) that anyone go out and do this sort of thing. I am simply reporting, as usual, about the interesting ways in which gems of literature pop up in the least expected places. 

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