New Opportunities

I’ve added a few things to both the “Bonus Events” and “Scholarships & Contests” pages that you may find interesting. Also, the following opportunity didn’t fit into either category but you may be interested in it nonetheless. From WVIZ/PBS:

Jack Marschall, former TV Channel 5 News Anchor, will be the featured guest for our September 29th “Careers in TV Journalism and Communications” program.  Mr. Marschall is a member of the Ohio Broadcast Hall of Fame and is currently the Director of Communications and Community Relations for the Mayor’s Office in the City of Parma.

Students interested in this opportunity should contact the office of John Ramicone by September 25th. His contact information is as follows:

John R. Ramicone
Director of Distance Learning Services-WVIZ/NOTA
1375 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115
phone: 216-916-6360
fax: 216-916-6361

Happy Summer…

I hope all of you are having an enjoyable summer, and completing your mandatory summer reading assignments (hint hint). If you are unsure of the assignment for your particular English class, click the “Summer Reading” icon (it’s a cartoonish sunshine and a red book) on the right side of the school district’s website.  If you have questions, please get in touch. 

In other news: this article from today’s New York Times is a very worthwhile read, so I recommend taking a peek when you have a chance. This has been a big topic of discussion in professional circles of teachers and librarians for some time, and I was very pleased to see that it has entered a more widespread public dialogue. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about this when we return to school! Talk to your parents about it to hear their perspective, too. It might turn into an interesting conversation.

CVCC Students – Update – Real World English Assignment

Today we worked in class on “reading the fine print” of credit card agreements and solicitations. I have copies of the assignments for each of you, and you should pick them up tomorrow. They are due (for you) on Friday of this week – please don’t let your make-up work build up. You should get started by watching this video clip that will make you understand WHY it is important to read anything before you sign it (when we have a Real World English quiz, the material in clip WILL be included).   

Satire Resources

English IV students:        Over the next few weeks, we will be studying satire, parody, and other intelligently humorous forms of communication. The following links will be helpful to you: Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoon Index  and You may use resources from either site for your satire analysis paragraphs.