Snow (Ice?) Day Reminders


Enjoy having the day off today, but please remember that TOMORROW (Thursday, March 7th) is your mock interview day. Dress appropriately, and bring your Career Portfolio or resume. Here are some more details about what to wear/bring and what NOT to wear/bring.
Aren’t you glad now that we practiced yesterday instead of waiting until today? 🙂

We will resume work on our Hamlet essays during OGT week. CVCC students, I will give you the necessary info before or after your interviews tomorrow.


Be sure to have your homework done before class on Thursday (the nine questions you were to answer about the sample OGT response). Also, during class tomorrow you will commit to which Julius Caesar character you will analyze in the essay you’ll be writing. If you have computer trouble for Study Island, I recommend going to the library.


Don’t forget to complete SI assignments and the homework that was assigned on Tuesday. If you are the one person who was absent that day, don’t worry –you will get caught up quickly after completing your Julius Caesar Test.

I think that’s everything. Be careful out there – it’s a good day to stay inside and read a book, hint hint.

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