Seniors – Resources for your third AR book

On Tuesday, February 5th you will be assigned supplementary readings (to be read by Tuesday, February 12th) that relate to your third AR book. Please use the following list to access the readings:

If you are reading PERSEPOLIS, click here.

If you are reading THE KITE RUNNER, click here.

If you are reading FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER, click here.

Please click here if you are reading PALESTINE.

Here is your link if you are reading A LONG WAY GONE.

Once you get there, follow the directions given in class on 2/5. Please feel free to go beyond the requirements and explore the sites further! There will be more supplemental readings over the next few weeks; if you come across something interesting that you’d like to share with your group please post a link to it in a comment or just print it out and bring it to class.

Remember, each Tuesday in February you will need to bring your book to help you complete an activity related to it.

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