Seniors — Frankenstein test

Here are some study tips for your FINAL TEST ON FRANKENSTEIN:

  • Be familiar with (and able to recognize support of) the themes we have followed throughout the novel
  • Know all characters – keep in mind that some are referred to in multiple ways – first name, last name, role, etc.


Alphonse = Victor’s father

Victor Frankenstein = Victor  = Frankenstein = the creator

Caroline Beaufort = Victor’s mother (her maiden name)

The creature = the monster = the creation

Clerval = Henry Clerval = Henry

  • Be aware of the various pieces of literature alluded to in the novel, and the significance of each one

–       Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

–       Milton’s Paradise Lost

–       Goethe’s The Sorrows of Werter

–       Volney’s Ruins of Empires

–       Plutarch’s Lives

  • Review your study guide! Many of the questions on the test are directly related to them.
  • This test will be entirely objective (multiple choice, true/false, matching, chronology, etc.)
  • A few vocabulary words may have crept onto the test…
  • Understand the narrative structure of the novel and how the various narrators effect the progression of the plot
  • Be aware of the various parallels that run throughout the novel
  • Literary terms to know: epistolary novel, frame story, gothic novel, Romanticism, allusion, suspense
  • Understand how Mary Shelley’s life experiences influenced her creation of this novel
  • Be aware of the various critical approaches to the novel — mythological, feminist, scientific, psychological, etc. (refer to articles read on Tuesday)


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  1. This is a fantastic website. I am an AP Lit and an English 4 teacher and I was looking for some Frankenstein resources. Your website is user friendly and a must-have for students (and me!) Wonderful!

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