Surveys for Seniors

This week all seniors will be taking a pen-and-paper IHS Senior Survey soon in their English class; the point of the survey is to collect your observations about the school climate. It’s been very helpful over the past several years to evaluate this feedback from students.

In addition, I like to conduct end-of-course surveys to determine what kind of experience my students had specifically with my class (and, as a result, what I should keep doing or need to change). This year I’m conducting the survey online. It’s only ten questions long, so it will take just a few moments of your time to complete. You can take the survey by clicking here: Click here to take survey. If you wish to wait until school ends to complete the survey, that’s fine — just be sure to get it done.

I appreciate your honesty and thoroughness! The more people who take the survey and the more feedback each offers, the more information I’ll have to work with when planning for next year.

*** SOPHOMORES, don’t worry, there will be one for you in a few weeks. I just posted the senior course survey first so I could catch them all before they go on senior project. 🙂

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