Study hints for Tuesday’s test over The Canterbury Tales

Seniors —  the following tales will be covered on Tuesday’s test:

  • The Pardoner (approx. 1/3 of the test)
  • The Wife of Bath (approx 1/3 of the test)
  • The Reeve
  • The Miller
  • The Friar
  • The Summoner
  • The Nun’s Priest
  • The Merchant (4th ˚ only)
  • The Manciple (9th ˚ only)


Some questions to get you thinking about test material:

1.)  In The Wife of Bath’s Prologue, what opinions does she express about marriage?

2.)  Which tales are told specifically to lash out at another pilgrim?

3.)  In the Wife of Bath’s tale, what does the knight determine women want?

4.)  Which tale involves an old lady telling a Summoner to go to hell?

5.)  In the Wife of Bath’s tale, what difficult decision does the knight have to make at the end? What is the end result? How does this reflect the previous lesson he learned?

6.)  The three young men in the Pardoner’s tale set out to find death. How do they end up finding it?

7.)  What does the Pardoner ask for at the end of his tale? Why is this noteworthy?

8.)  What is an exemplum? Which tale is an example of one?

9.)  Which character in the Miller’s tale do you think is the most morally reprehensible?

10.) How does the Summoner’s tale accuse friars of being greedy?

11.) How are separate social classes in conflict in the Reeve’s tale?

12.) What roles do YOUTH and OLD AGE play in the Pardoner’s tale?

13.) Why did the knight in the Wife of Bath’s tale have to figure out the answer to a difficult question within a year?

14.)Where in any of the tales did you see evidence of the Black Plague?

15.)What does Pertolote, Chanticleer’s wife, have to say about his nightmare?

16.) In the Summoner’s tale, were there any friars in hell?

17.) What is the pun in the statement “What’s a farthing worth?”

18.)Why did the carpenter in the Miller’s tale sleep in a tub suspended from the ceiling?

19.) What TWO surprises are doled out through a window in the Miller’s tale?

20.)Which tale was told in response to the host’s request for a nice, happy, heartwarming tale?

21.) (4th period only) According to his prologue, what is the Merchant’s view of marriage?

22.) (9th period only) According to the Manciple’s tale, what caused a crow (and all future crows) to turn black?

23.) How did the Miller in the Reeve’s tale anger John and Alain? (three possible answers)

24.) Who do you think is the most morally reprehensible in the Miller’s tale?

25.) How does the Friar’s tale indirectly make the Pardoner look bad?

26.) Which tale(s) teach a clear moral lesson? What is/are the lesson(s)?


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