Finding Frankenstein: many options for reading the novel

If you have trouble reading your copy of Frankenstein because the font is too small and/or “squished” as some of you have mentioned, fear not — you have several options. I recommend the following three:

* Go to the library! There are many different editions of the book; flip through all that you find. Each publisher uses a slightly different font and format, so you are likely to find one that is easier on your eyes.

* If you or someone in your home owns a Kindle or a Nook, the entire novel can be downloaded to your device for free. If you use an iPhone or Android device, you can download a free Kindle app from and download the free novel with it.

* Read the full text on the novel online (or print it out, or copy/paste/enlarge/print it) at Project Gutenberg:  (click on “download” and choose your preferred file type).


With all of these resources in addition to your class-issued copy of the novel, there should never be a problem of not having access to a copy of the text.

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