Vocabulary for English IV Midterm

Seniors, your words can be downloaded HERE

You will notice that all but two of the words I chose as fair game for the midterm are nouns and verbs. Why? As always, there’s a reason behind the decision. We study vocabulary for several purposes, most of which can be sorted into one of two categories: (1) To help you understand what you read, and (2) To help you be a better writer/speaker. In this particular case, I’ve put the emphasis on nouns and verbs as a way to work on the second category. One of the best ways to strengthen your writing is to use SPECIFIC nouns and verbs rather than long strings of adjectives and adverbs. I’m hoping that directing you to revisit these particular vocabulary words will encourage you to remember and use them in the future (as always, heaven help you if you use the words “thing” or “stuff” in a writing assignment! 🙂 )

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