Pre-AP Exam Essay Question

As indicated in class, there will be an objective portion of your midterm exam AND a written portion. Each will take approximately half of the exam period.

I have provided you with the essay prompt in advance so that you can prepare your ideas, but the essay itself must be generated DURING THE EXAM PERIOD. Please do not bring a completed essay to class with you; you will not be permitted to use it.

The prompt and evaluation criteria are:

In the space provided, please compose an essay that explores the similarities and differences between any TWO of the following characters: Clarisse McClellan, Antigone, Scout Finch, Peyton Bragg.

Your essay should consist of 4-6 paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion. Be sure to use specific examples from both pieces of literature to substantiate your claims.

Your writing will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Content – Ideas should be logical, insightful, and sufficiently supported.

Organization – Your essay should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Each major argument should be developed in its own paragraph. Transitions between thoughts should be smooth and effective.

Sentence Fluency – The structure of your sentences should enhance, not encumber, your message.

Conventions — Your punctuation, capitalization, usage, etc. should adhere to generally accepted rules and not interfere with the reader’s understanding.

Word choice – Diction should be varied, accurate, and fresh.

Voice – Each of the above criteria contribute to creating voice. Does the reader get the impression that the essay was produced by a machine, or by a human? Are cliches abused? Are arguments predictable? Is sentence structure stale? These are elements that the mature writer should avoid.

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