New list for seniors – quiz on Monday 2/28

Cultural Literacy List #5: French words and terms used in English

1.)  joie de vivre – exuberance; love of life

2.)  je ne sais quoi – an elusive, mysterious quality (literally translates to “I don’t know what”)

3.)  au contraire – on the contrary

4.)  c’est la vie – that’s life

5.)  du jour – of the day

6.)  touché – “you got me!” (literally translates to “touch”)

7.)  faux pas – a social blunder

8.)  haute couture – hot/high fashion

9.)  savoir –faire – social adeptness

10.) raison d’être – reason for being; justification; basis

11.) en route – on the way

12.) femme fatale – an attractive but dangerous woman

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