Hamlet Test Tomorrow!

Now that you’ve read the play, you’ll enjoy the following videos:

Hamlet #1

Hamlet #2

Hamlet #3

There are of course many more fun versions available (yes, I’m aware of the cheeky flamboyant pal one), but I’m only posting ones I would show to my classes.

As you look over your notes, study guides, etc. tonight, please consider the following:

* Do you know what the PURPOSE of a soliloquy is? What are the main ideas of each of Hamlet’s soliloquies?

* Do you know the difference between an ASIDE and a soliloquy? Where in the play does Shakespeare use asides?

* What is a foil? Who is Hamlet’s foil? How do we know?

*  Do you know how each character is related to or associated with the other characters?

* See if you can list FIVE cause-and-effect relationships in the plot.

* Think about how the four pieces of anticipatory writing you did right before we started reading Hamlet relate to the play.

* See how many pieces of Polonius’ advice to Laertes you can remember… then look up the ones you can’t remember.

* How does Polonius’ advice to his son differ from his advice to his daughter?

* What do you think is the CLIMAX of the play?

* Why is this play embraced by so many different cultures? (Hint: you’ll find the answer in the essay “Hamlet: A Modern Perspective”)

Happy studying.


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