Tomorrow’s my last day with you until after Thanksgiving. Be prepared!

We had so many interruptions today I’m just going to have to list what to expect tomorrow for each class period:

1st period:   No class today.  Be ready for your vocabulary quiz tomorrow!

2nd period: At least I got to check your Wife of Bath homework today… we’ll go over it tomorrow. I’ll also be explaining & assigning your group projects.

3rd period: Quick group activity tomorrow (be sure you have your handwriting/cursive articles with you); also; we’ll go over your new vocabulary unit.

7th period: BIG review day tomorrow. Come ready to take notes and ask questions!

9th period: I’ll be checking your Wife of Bath homework from Friday (questions A-J on p. 164-173 and 1-4 on p. 174 in your textbook). We’ll also review some reading strategies before you’re assigned your group project tales.


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